Jennifer Hepton ( me )


As a Western society, we tend to focus on our outer body. Hatha yoga let’s us bring the focus to our inner light; our inner body.

I’m a yoga alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, who teaches Classic Hatha yoga with the emphasis on safety. My classes are non‐judgmental and non‐competitive. We work on connecting the body, spirit and mind, bringing a sense of stillness, fun and appreciation. I incorporate my love of music & words into the practice with guided meditations and through the poses. I invite students to explore themselves with an open heart, open mind and most importantly, with compassion.

I love the practice of yoga for the clarity of mind and peacefulness that comes from the breath flowing freely in the body.

On the mat, I invite you to open your heart to all the delicious gifts life & yoga has to offer!

**watch this space for more info on yogamonkeys ( kids yoga) – my new yoga adventure! **

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